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newly greatly honest science and technology

The articles shown below are all about the newly greatly honest science and technology, through these related articles, you can get relevant information, notes in use, or latest trends about the newly greatly honest science and technology. We hope these news will give you the help you need. And if these newly greatly honest science and technology articles can't solve your needs, you can contact us for relevant information.
  • Congratulation newly greatly honest industry garden official operation construction!

    2016 year on August 25, the greatly honest industrial garden begins officially newly! This symbolizes the company new workshop starting from today the official operation construction. The new workshop estimated that the autumn is completed in 2017, the area will amount to 24000 square meters.

  • Congratulates Our company to unfold in the Brazilian 2015netcome communication obtains the complete success

    Our company participated in South America most specialized communication network exhibition Netcome2015 in the Brazilian Subsidiary company, conducts by Brazil's well-known 行 industry display association ARANDA

  • Congratulates Our company product to obtain “Jiangsu Province high-tech product” the title of honor

    Corporation since was established, has had the honor to receive many item of Jiangsu Province high-tech product title, this year the company independent research and development production “the precise blast system” and “the intelligent ODN system” two item of products choose in November, 2013 by Jiangsu Province science and technology hall for “Jiangsu Province high-tech product”. This is to the company product technique content, research and development ability as well as the scientific innovation significant affirmation, will win this great honor, the company will sharpen further enterprise independent research and development ability, will develop the innovation unceasingly, will strive for to create the good result again!

  • Greatly honest science and technology chooses newly for “in 2012 the technology corporation going on the market cultivation plan warehousing enterprise”

    Suzhou greatly honest technological progress Limited liability company relies on the technical research and development aspect formidable strength newly, by Jiangsu Province science and technology hall, the Jiangsu card is supervised the bureau to recognize jointly in 2012 the technology corporation going on the market cultivation plan warehousing enterprise. In recent years, the Suzhou greatly honest science and technology insisted throughout newly: “the pursue high technology and new technology, the creation perfect service, the total involvement serves the communication profession.

  • Congratulates Our company to participation drafts automated switches on the profession standard to authorize and to implement again

    Our company starts in 2005 to research and develop the production power source intelligence protector (i.e. automatedly to switch on again), participation in 2009 year's end drafts "Communication with Automatedly To switch on Residual current Protector Engineering factor Again", in the near future and the informationization department will promulgate after the People's Republic of China industry and implements.

  • Congratulation company Jiangsu Province intellectual property rights passes through the sign enterprise through 2012 to recognize

    Corporation in 2012 “Jiangsu Province intellectual property rights pass through the sign enterprise” in the evaluation blooming, has the honor to receive Jiangsu Province quality technology surveillance bureau, Jiangsu Province intellectual property rights bureau issues “Jiangsu Province enterprise intellectual property rights control standardization demonstration unit” title of honor. This is to the company intellectual property rights work development significant affirmation, drove that the company continues to try hard to raise the enterprise intellectual property protection consciousness, develops the innovation unceasingly, strives for to make a bigger progress.

  • Our company four years obtain “star of continuously the Suzhou industrial park year brilliance” the title of honor

    in the campus working committee, under management meeting's lead, greatly is newly honest innovates unceasingly, the accord development, tries hard for the impetus campus privately operated economy sustained development. On the other day, passed through recommends, the progressive evaluation and the strict examination according to qualification, Our company is given “star of the Suzhou industrial park 2012 year brilliance” the title of honor. From 2009 until now, our company four years obtain this title of honor continuously, this is relentless to Our company all staff, works the result strong evidence.

  • Welcomes 2011 development annual meeting big celebration

    2011 year in February, the company educated the training group with Dragon Gate to conduct hand in hand once again has welcomed 2011 development annual meetings, all staff happily gathers in one place, the interaction exchange, through participated has the significance development project manufacture joyfully, releases for flight the mood, played the new year work the overture.

  • Congratulation company was recognized that is “Jiangsu Province Non-governmental scientific and technological enterprise”

    in July, 2008, the company by Jiangsu Province non-governmental scientific and technological enterprise association was recognized that is “Jiangsu Province Non-governmental scientific and technological enterprise”.

  • Congratulation company passes “Jiangsu Province software enterprise” to recognize

    in May, 2008, the company after Jiangsu Province information industries hall recognized officially is “the double soft enterprise”, obtained has issued "Software Enterprise by Jiangsu Province information industries hall To recognize Certificate" officially.

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