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SCK-801 Cleaver

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Product Description

SCK-801 Cleaver is Designed for single fiber, this high precision cleaver is ideal for FTTH fusion splicing, field installable connector and mechanical splice applications.The robust design of the SCK-801 meets or exceeds cleaving quality of more expensive cleaversavailable on the market.The long-life, 16-position circular blade performs cleaving operation in one single step.A fibre collector for scrap fibre can easily be detached.high precision optical fiber cutter is used for single core fiber, the cutting knife is suitable not only for 250 μ m coated fiber but also applied to 900um coated fiber.

Product Overview

Type Sck-801
Applicable Diameter of Bar Fiber 125μm
Applicable Quantity of Fiber Core Single Core (φ0.25 & 0.9mm) – 12-core Ribbon Fiber – 2.5 Covered Wire
Cutting Length for Optical Fiber 18mm
Dimension Sck-801: 71.3(W) x 67.2(D) x 51(H) mm
Weight Sck-801: about 230g

Packing List

Fiber Cleaver SCK-801 1 set Single-core Fiber Chuck: AP- SCK-801
Replacement Cutter: SKLP-20BL/12-face;  SKL 22BL/16-FACE
Packing Box 1 piece
Instruction Manual 1 copy

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