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Prefabricated end butterfly lead-in optical cable

A butterfly shaped lead-in cable that is prefabricated into an end butterfly shaped lead-in cable and is manufactured at one or both ends of the plant. Products are divided into two kinds: indoor and outdoor use, non metallic strength member and metal reinforcing member two, taking into account the lightning, interference and other factors, indoor should adopt the nonmetallic reinforcing member prefabricated end disc into the optical cable. The pre terminal indoor cable can be divided into single and double end end end end of two types, specifications 2.0*3.0, structure: Center for optical fiber, two parallel placed on both sides of the nonmetallic reinforcing element (FRP), an additional reinforcing element outside the wire, black for outdoor use (UV), white as the corridor wiring (beautiful). According to the indoor cable core can be divided into single core and double core and 4 core specifications, residential user access should use 1 core business users can access, the introduction of fiber optic cable is designed according to 2-4 core dish. By connecting head: SC/UPC, Flexer fiber bending radius can be laid 20mm. Prefabricated end type butterfly can be customized according to the introduction of fiber optic cable length of 50 meters below the recommended delivery, prefabricated end type butterfly optic cable 5 meters according to the step of customization, for example: 20 meters, 25 meters, 30 meters, 35 meters and 50 meters above the recommended; prefabricated end type butterfly in accordance with the introduction of fiber optic cable 10 meters step length customization, for example: 60 meters, 70 meters, 80 meters, 120 meters. GJYX (F) CH: metal suspension wire, flat, flame retardant polyethylene sheath
Application: Broadband, TV, telephone triple play, between the outdoor light boxes to each user distribution, mainly used in villages, rental villa group, township and other scenes unique groove design, easy separation, convenient connection, simple installation and maintenance, suitable for home building in a pipeline or open wiring way.

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