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Outdoor cabinet

Outdoor integrated cabinet (commonly known as outdoor cabinet) is mainly used in wireless communication base station, including new generation 4G/5G system, communication / network integrated services, access / transmission switching station, emergency communication / transmission, etc.. The material of the cabinet is made of hot-dip galvanized sheet, stainless steel plate, aluminum alloy plate, aluminum clad zinc plate and aluminium clad zinc sheet. The structure adopts sandwich structure, which can prevent the radiation of the sun and prevent the formation of condensation when the temperature changes sharply. Compact, compact, modular design, temperature control module, installation and deployment of simple, flexible configuration of the outdoor use of communication cabinets. In a variety of harsh outdoor environment, the refrigeration system automatically switches the temperature control mode according to the internal and external temperature. It can greatly save electricity and prolong the service life of the equipment. The cabinet adopts a new design concept, can realize remote monitoring, automatic alarm, GPRS base station fault communication function, can greatly reduce the operation and maintenance of the labor intensity, and can significantly reduce the risk of operation and management and security could not have foreseen before.
Outdoor venues in power and communications, Acer station, micro station, remote station OLT sink, broadband access, copper back into the light, such as rural informatization

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