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Outdoor Fiber Optic Distribution Box

  • FQZB-1N-48A ,FQDB-1N-12/24A,FQ/FGCG-1W-16B,FQDB-2N-24A,FQ/FGHG-2W-24A,FQDG-2W-8A
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Product Description

Outdoor fiber optic distribution box is available for the distribution and terminal connection for various kinds of optical fiber system, especial suitable for mini-network terminal distribution, in which the optical cables,patch cords or pigtails are connected, PC plastic terminal box, N input cable ports N output cable ports, PLC splitter can be loaded inside, suitable for indoor and outdoor wall-mounted and pole mounted using.
Industry standard user interface, be made of high impact plastic.
Can accommodate 1x8 & 1X16 PLC splitter. 
Anti-UV, ultra violet resistant and rainfall resistant.
Wall and pole mountable. 
N inlet ports, N outlet ports.

Technical indicators

Model Size Material and installation Note
FQZB-1N-48A 300×250×120 cold rolled steel plate, wall hanging indoor direct welding,12-48 core ,1-4 pcs 12 core fused fiber disc
FQDB-1N-12A 420×300×120 cold rolled steel plate, wall hanging indoor terminal type,12core,12 pcs SC/PC adapter
FQDB-1N-24A 420×300×120 cold rolled steel plate, wall hanging indoor terminal type,24core,24 pcs SC/PC adapter
FQDB-1N-36A 440×400×100 cold rolled steel plate, wall hanging indoor terminal type,36core,36pcs SC/PC adapter
FQDB-1N-48A 470×450×100 cold rolled steel plate, wall hanging indoor terminal type,48core,48pcs SC/PC adapter
FQDB-1N-64A 550×450×100 cold rolled steel plate, wall hanging indoor terminal type,64core,64 pcs SC/PC adapter
FQDB-1N-72A 560×410×165 cold rolled steel plate, wall hanging indoor terminal type,72core,72 pcs SC/PC adapter
FQZG-4W-48A 300×250×120 stainless steel,hanging pole outdoor terminal type,48core,4 pcs12 core fused fiber disc
FQDG-4W-24A 420×300×120 stainless steel,hanging pole outdoor terminal type,24core,24 pcs SC/PC adapter
FQDG-4W-36A 440×400×100 stainless steel,hanging pole outdoor terminal type,36core,36 pcs SC/PC adapter
FQDG-4W-48A 470×450×100 stainlesssteel ,hanging pole outdoor terminal type,48芯,48 pcs SC/PC adapter
FQDG-4W-72A 560×410×165 stainless steel,hanging pole outdoor terminal type,72 core,72 pcs SC/PC adapter
FQDG-2W-8A 220×170×55 ABS,wall hanging or hanging lever outdoor terminal type,8core,8 pcs SC/PC adapter
FQDG-2W-16A 390×240×90 ABS,wall hanging or hanging lever outdoor terminal type,16 core,16 pcs SC/PC adapter
FQDB-2W-24A 380×310×110 ABS,wall hanging indoor terminal type,24 core,24 pcs SC/PC adapter
FQ/FGHG-2W- 24A 380×260×90 ABS,wall hanging or hanging lever outdoor terminal type,24 core,24 pcs SC/PC adapter,
1 pcs 1:16 box optical splitter
FQ/FGCG-  1W-16A/B  320×220×105 hot dip zinc plate,wall hanging or hanging lever indoor/outdoor terminal type ,16 core, 16 pcs SC/PC adapter; 
1 pcs 1:16 or 2 pcs 1:8 insert optical splitter

Withstand voltage:≥3000V(DC),1min no disruption or flashover.
Insulation resistance:≥2×104MΩ,500V(DC)
To bear ability:the top of the enclosure≥500N,the outer end of the door≥
100N,No damage marks and permanent deformation.

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