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Our company participate in 2017 the 8th session of Brazilian international communication to unfold

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2017 year8 the month 15-17 date, Our company participated in 2017 in the Brazilian Subsidiary company the year 8 session of Brazil international communication to unfold.

Brazil international communication unfolds is the South America Brazil most specialized communication network exhibition, displays the association by Brazil's well-known professionARANDA conducts, should unfold two years to conduct one time,NETCOM basically invited in the South America communication industry all well-known operators, construction business, the device supplier as well as the industrial user,2015 year's exhibition becomes the commercial grand meeting which all quarters visit exchanges. At present highly effective and the stable telecommunication and the data net already became the trade activity and the family life very important constituent, and the demand and the application scope further expands, has covered the commercial safety, the education and the entertainment. In view of industrial development's tendency and the demand, specially Brazil takes the South America area import trade the bridgehead, the customs duty and the government policy has in the very big superiority situation, the Brazilian international communication unfolded in Sao Paulo's conducting for all industrial product producer, the technical service supplier, the Industrial Department and the user has constructed a very specialized valid trade show conference platform.




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