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Optical splitter

Optical splitter, also known as splitter, is one of the most important passive components in optical fiber links. It is a fiber optic junction device with multiple inputs and multiple outputs. The optical splitter can be divided into two kinds: fused biconical taper and planar waveguide type (PLC type) according to the principle of splitting. It is a passive device for signal coupling, branching and distribution in optical network systems. An optical splitter is usually M * N to indicate that a splitter has M inputs and N outputs. In the FTTx system, the M can be 1 or 2, and the N can be 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, etc.. Optical splitter equipment rugged and compact structure, internal structure of equipment to ensure the coiled fiber is not damaged, all devices are well fixed and can provide enough for management, connection, installation and maintenance, inspection and testing of the space. The adapter of the optical splitter can select SC, FC, LC and other types according to requirements. Lead: lead cable pigtail pigtail cassette optical splitter is used in 0.2mm optical cable, micro optical splitter pigtail leads with diameter of 0.9mm, optical fiber type optical splitter with plug is used in 0.25mm or 0.25mm fiber.
Application: A splitter, desktop, tray, cable transfer box; frame type optical branching device, 19 inch standard pallet rack; optical splitter, optical wiring or cable transfer box; insertion type optical splitter, optical fiber distribution frame, cable transfer box, optical fiber boxes, with plug the use of optical splitter box; other packages do not explicitly require, can be customized according to the actual needs of all.

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