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Optical fiber terminal box

Cable terminal box terminal protection box is referred to as OTB, cable and welding in pigtail cable laying, mainly used for indoor cable branch of direct connection and connection and cable terminal fixed to pigtail storage and connector protection function. The material is made of engineering plastic ABS or high quality cold rolled steel sheet. According to the cable wiring, can be divided into pigtail type and interface type; according to whether the assembly can adapter classification, can be divided into assembly and assembly adapter adapter type. The structure is composed of 3 parts: a shell, an internal component and an optical fiber joint protector, wherein the optical cable fixing device, the welding disc and the through clamp are arranged, and a reliable grounding device is arranged. With a fixed cable, welding, welding cable plays a role, for connection and cable pigtail.
Installation: Wall hanging and landing
Application: Widely used in local, rural network system, data, image transmission system, CATV cable TV series

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