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Optical fiber movable connector

An optical fiber movable connector is a plug and drop connector based on a single core plug and adapter. In optical fiber communication (transmission) link, to adapt to the need of the connection between the different flexible module, equipment and systems, is between the optical fiber and optical fiber handling (active) connection device, the optical signal can be carried out according to the required transmission channel, to ensure that the optical fiber link, achieve the desired purpose and request. It is the most passive optical passive device in the optical system. According to the connector can be divided into FC, SC, LC, ST, MU and so on. According to the end divided into PC, UPC, APC and so on. According to the transmission medium can be divided into common single-mode, multi-mode fiber connector; according to the fiber core number, there are single core, multi-core (such as MT-RJ) type fiber optic connectors
Application: Suitable for fiber optic transceivers, routers, switches, optical transceiver with optical device.

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