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Mechanical automatic reclosing

  • DCKG-01-D10A, DCKG-02-D32A, DCKG-03-D63A
  • Sipibs

Product Description

It is wideiy used in three four wire neutral point directly grounded(TT system) LV grid to provide indirect contact protection against personal electric shock hazard and also is used to protect against grounding fault,over-current and short-circuit of circuit or equipments.When the circuit breaker trips because of Temporary earth leakage or instantaneous earth leakage or voltage fault caused by electric surge, the power can be restored directly through self re-closing function without manual operation.
1.Use module framework. Several modules can be selected flexibly.
2.Provides 8 protection functions such as overcurrent protection, leakage current protection, short circuit protection, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection,  automatically disconnect when power off,test before closing,automatic reclosing
3.Fast and rapid breaking capacity: built-in CPU, the implementation of online detection, when the occurrence of undervoltage, overvoltage, leakage, overload, short-circuit and so on quickly cut off power, the first time to protect the personnel and base station security.
4.Have a reasonable lightning protection performance: Built-in two-way surge absorption switch, to the power line induction from the lightning interference has inhibitory ability, at the same time, according to user requirements external Lightning protection module, line surge shielding to achieve the base station power supply lightning protection requirements.
5.Small size and compact configuration.

Product Advantages
1.Protection of equipment Property safety.
2.Safeguard electricity Safety.
3.Ensure continuity of Base station power supply.
4.Reduce maintenance costs.
5.Reduce cost loss.
6.Improve service quality and improve product advantage.

Technical parameters

The technical parameters of single phase power supply intelligent protector are as follows:
Parameter             Model DCKG-01-D10A DCKG-02-D32A DCKG-03-D63A
Rated working voltage/Un 85~285VAC
Rated load current /In 3~10A 16~32A 40~63A
Overcurrent Action Current (3~10×1.15A (16~32×1.15A (40~63×1.15A
Short-circuit Action Current In×3
Residual operating current 30mA
Residual non-operating current 15mA
Overvoltage Action Voltage 280±10V
Undervoltage action Voltage 80±10V
Short-circuit Disconnect Action Time ≤0.05s
Overcurrent Disconnect Action Time ≤0.05s
Leakage Disconnect Action Time ≤0.05s
Over voltage, under voltage disconnect action time ≤0.05s
Test before closing
Number of automatic reclosing Unlimited
Automatic reclosing time 1min/2min/3min/5min×5/30min×N,Can be set according to customer's requirement
Self-consumption power ≤0.3W
Lightning Protection 20Ka  No damage to equipment
volume 90mm×98mm×66mm 126mm×98mm×65mm

Three-phase power supply Intelligent Protector Technical parameters are as follows:
Model                Parameter DCKG-04-S63A DCKG-04-S100A DCKG-04-S200A
Rated working voltage /Un 85~500V(AC
Rated load current/In 63A 100A 200A
Overvoltage Action VoltageVoltage between Live line and Neutral line 280V±5%
Undervoltage action VoltageVoltage between Live line and Neutral line 100V±5%
Residual operating current 100mA 200mA 200mA
Residual non-operating current 50mA 100mA 100mA
Over voltage, under voltage disconnect action time 3s
Overcurrent Disconnect Action Time 10s
Leakage Disconnect Action Time 0.1s
Number of Poles Three-level
Number of automatic reclosing 10 times(Adjustable
Automatic reclosing time 30s/0.5h/1min(Can be set according to customer's requirement
Lightning Protection performance 6000V,1/20us No damage
Working conditions Temperature range-20~55
Humidity Range:≤95%RH
Atmospheric pressure70kPa~106kPa
Storage temperature-55~80
Self-consumption power 0.5W
Remote monitoring RS232 interface or RJ45 interface
volume 144mm×96mm×70mm 255mm×140mm×100mm

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