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MPO fiber optic connector

The MPO connector is a type of optical fiber connector, connector type is often used as a high-speed transmission standards, such as 40G/100G transmission IEEE 802.3bm standard, in the IOT era of great development, application of new technology in high density environment by data center, application of fiber to the building, in the light splitter, 40G 100G, QSFP+, connected applications such as optical transceiver equipment inside.
Classification: according to the number of cores discharged in the connector, it is divided into one column (12 cores) and multiple columns (24 cores or more).
Structure: a male end and a female joint and a male end connector off two guide, both ends have a shell, and a adapter. The connection header types are optional FC, LC, SC, ST, and so on.
Application: Three major areas, the application of high-density data centers, fiber to the building applications, in the light splitter, 40G, 100G, QSFP+ and other optical transceiver equipment internal connection applications.

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