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Product Description

Product Description
MPO/MTP fiber patch cords are mainly used in high-density data centers, fiber to the building (FTTB) ,optical splitter / 40G/100G SFP / SFP + optical transceiver device to flexible connection between different modules. equipment and systems . so that the optical signal can transmit the desired channel, to achieve and  complete a predetermined or desired purpose and requirements.
1. Low insertion loss, high return loss
2. High precision, the precision of the MT guide pin and guide hole to ensure the accuracy of  optical alignment
3. Materials meet the ROSH requirements
1. Stable high quality ensured by imported production and test equipments:EXFO IL&RL Tester / Domaille Grinding Machine / SENKO 3D Interferometer
2. Pretty high return loss: ≥45dB
3. Customized Production and Service
4. 40G/100G Data Center Solution

1. Data center infrastructure
2. Storage area network
3. Emerging 40 & 100Gps Protocols
4. Parallel optics
5. Enterprise network cabling systerm

Technical Parameter

Item Technical Parameters
Connector MPO (F or M) MPO (F or M)
Operation Temperature -40°C ~ +80°C
Storage Temperature -40°C ~ +85°C
Insertion Loss SM: ≤ 0.75dB (standard value), 0.35dB (typical value); 
MM:≤ 0.50dB (standard value), ≤0.35dB (typical value); 
Return Loss SM:≥60dB; MM:≥35dB
The MPO end type Male: with guide pin; Female: without guide pin
Fiber count 8,12&24 MT fiber
Connector type of the other end MPO-female , MPO-male , FC , SC , ST , MU , LC , E2000
Fiber mode Single-mode (G652,G655,G657), multi-mode (50, 62.5, OM2, OM3, OM4)
Fiber cable type 250um ribbon fiber,ribbon cable,Bundle fiber optic cable

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