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Integrated container rack

Optical fiber distribution frame, also called optical fiber distribution cabinet, is used in optical fiber communication network to finish, protect, connect and manage wiring equipment for optical fiber cable and optical fiber. The equipment can be used for fixing, stripping and grounding protection of optical fiber cable, as well as welding, jumping, winding and reasonable cloth of all kinds of optical fiber
The functions of release, distribution, dispatching and so on are the necessary equipments between the transmission media and the transmission equipment. For terminal and distribution of local optical fiber communication system is the backbone cable, can conveniently realize the connection, allocation and scheduling of optical fiber line. Along with the network integration degree more and more high, the number of light mixed in ODF, DDF, power distribution unit in one, suitable for small and medium fiber to fiber to the building, residential wiring system, remote module office and wireless base station.
The distribution frame is the most important component in the management subsystem. It is the hinge of two subsystems which are vertical trunk line and horizontal wiring. The distribution frame is usually installed in the cabinet or wall. Through the installation of accessories, the distribution frame can meet the requirements of UTP, STP, coaxial cable, optical fiber, audio and video, and can be interconnected or transferred on the distribution frame.
Installation: wall hanging, cabinet type and rack type
Application: Suitable for fiber to cell, optical fiber to building, remote module office and wireless base station, medium and small wiring system.

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