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In 2013 the enterprise develops training and the staff autumn outing activity complete success

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is the promotion company staff cohesive force, the rich staff extra-curricular life, the propaganda enterprise culture image, Our company developed two day-long enterprise in November 2, 2013 in Dongshan to develop training and the staff autumn outing.

first day development training, mainly includes four major term contents: 60 seconds, seek livehood rapidly the wall, the sheer precipice and the giant footsteps; Team's each members in the project progressed strengthens has overcome the difficult confidence and the courage, enhanced facing the determination which difficult actually could carry through to the end firm and unyielding, has exercised the courage and wisdom, also has overcome the conduct thought format. Under the training bootstrap, under everybody's cooperation, the cooperation and the drive completes each training mission. The centralism has manifested this development subject “the condensation, the creation, the vigor”.

second days, the staffs experience the lake and mountain scenery complementing each other on the scenery beautiful three mountain islands, the peasant family character and style, has been far away from urban making noise with the quick rhythm work, enjoys picks the orange the pleasure, is riding the link Tai Lake leisure bicycle appreciation beautiful scene, enjoys the delicacy the agricultural home cooking, pulls closer distance between staff's through such activity, promotes the staff sentiment, strengthened enterprise's cohesive force!

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