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GMC examines the factory to succeed on the spot through the verification

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optimizes unceasingly along with the international trade order, the corporate business development expands unceasingly, I take charge of have been receiving the honest good faith management, the staff conscientious objective for the customer service.

I takes charge in February 27, 2013 invites “round the world the market GMC high quality manufacturer alliance project group” the third party specialized organization “TUV” to visit the appraisal officially. Period, “TUV” links and so on control, technology, quality, credit which took charge to me has carried on the strict verification, at present passed “GMC to examine the factory appraisal certification on the spot” officially, happily attained “the GMC certificate”!

this honor is hard-won, in this heartfelt gratitude leader and colleague's support vigorously from all walks of life! Also hope the fellow colleagues to continue to enhance strong points and avoid weaknesses in the future, will construct the company happily.

is final, respectfully congratulates me to take charge in the international trade stage business is getting more and more prosperous!

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