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Fiber Optic Distribution Box

  • FGCB-2N-16A,FGCG-2W-16A,FQ/FGCG-1W-16A,FGHB-1N-32/64A,FGHG-4W-24A,FQ/FGHG-2W-24A,FGCG-2W-16A,FGCG-2W-16A,FQ/FGHG-2W-24A,FGCG-2W-32/48A,FGHD-4W-24A,FQ/FGCG-1W-16A
  • Sipibs

Product Description

FTTH mode of fiber opitc distribution box is a newly developed by our company for application of FTTH.The box is light and compact, especially suitable for protective connection of fiber calbes and pigtials in FTTH.
ABS or PC material used ensures the body strong and light; 
Water-proof design for outdoor uses;
Easy installations:Ready for wall mount-installation kits provided; 
Adaptor slots used:No screws and tools needed for installing adapters; 
Readay for splitters:designed space for adding splitters; 
Space saving:Double-layer design for easier installation and maintenances; 
Lower layer for splitters and over length fiber storage; 
Calbe fixing units provided for fixing the outdoor optical calbe; 
Protection Level: IP65; Accommodates both cable glands as well as tie-wraps;
Lock provided for extra security.
Widely used in FTTX access network;
Telecommunication Networks;
CATV networks;
Data communications networks;
Local Area Networks.

Technical indicators

Slot Box (Blade) Type

Technical indicators
Model Size(mm Slot number Material and installation
FGCB-1N-16A 350×340×100 2 indoor type,cold rolled steel sheet,wall hanging
FQ/FGCG-1W-16A 320×220×105 2 outdoor/indoor type,hot dip zinc plate,wall hanging or 
hanging lever
,16 SC/PC adapter
FGCB-1N-32A 460×340×100 4 indoor type, cold rolled steel, wall hanging
FGCB-1N-48A 460×350×130 6 indoor type, cold rolled steel, wall hanging
FGCR-1N-16A 300×260×90 2 indoor type, cold rolled steel, embedded
FGCR-1N-32A 345×260×90 4 indoor type, cold rolled steel, embedded
FGCB-2N-16A 380×310×110 2 indoor type,ABS,wall hanging
FGCG-2W-16A 380×260×90 2 indoor type,ABS,Wall hanging or hanging lever
The dimension of the splitter chip
Model Slot number Size(mm)
1:4 optic insert 1 130×100×25
1:8 optic insert 1 130×100×25
1:16 optic insert 2 130×100×50
1:32 optic insert 4 267×100×50

Box type
Technical indicators
Model Size(mm Material and installation Notes
FGHB-1N-32A 420×400×155 cold rolled steel, wall hanging Indoor 32 core
FGHB-1N-64A 500×450×155 cold rolled steel, wall hanging indoor 64 core
FGHG-4W-24A 420×390×140 stainless steel,hanging lever outdoor 24 core
FGHD-4W-24A 510×380×135 stainless steel, landing outdoor 24 core
FGHG-4W-48A 450×390×165 stainless steel,hanging lever outdoor 48 core
FGHG-4W-72A 450×390×165 stainless steel,hanging lever outdoor 72 core
FQ/FGHG-2W-24A     380×260×90 ABS,wall hanging or hanging lever outdoor 24 core, 
24 SC/PC adapter

PLC optical spiltter of optical properties
Parameter Unit Indicators

2 4 8 16 32 4 8 16 32
Working Wavelength nm 1260~1610
Insertion Loss dB 3.8 7.2 10.5 13.8 17.1 7.5 10.8 14.1 17.4
PDL dB 0.3 0.3 0.3 0.3 0.3 0.3 0.3 0.3 0.3
Uniformity dB 0.5 0.6 0.8 1.0 1.5 0.8 0.8 1.0 1.5
Reflection Loss dB 55
Directivity dB 55
Working Temperatue -40~+85
Note:1.The above parameter include fiber optic connector loss.  
2.Each connection head in the optical path will increase the loss of 0.15dB. 

Outdoor type
Technical indicators
Model Sizemm Material and installation Note
FGHG-4W-24A 420×390×140 stainless steel,hanging lever 24 core,box type
FGHD-4W-24A 420×390×140 stainless steel, landing 24 core,box type
FQ/FGCG-1W-16A 320×220×105 hot dip zinc plate, wall hanging or hanging lever 24 core,insert type 
FGHG-1W-48A 450×390×165 stainless steel,hanging lever 48 core,box type
FGHG-1W-72A 560×410×165 stainless steel,hanging lever 72 core,box type
FGCG-2W-16A 383×285×100 SMC,wall hanging or hanging lever 16 core,insert type,
2 slot number
FGCG-2W-16A 390×240×90 ABS,wall hanging or hanging lever 16 core,insert type
FQ-FGHG-2W-24A 390×240×90 ABS,wall hanging or hanging lever 16 core,box type
FGCG-2W-32/48A 440×320×180 SMC,wall hanging or hanging lever 32~48 core,insert type
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