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Fiber Optic Cable

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Product Description

PE Jacket Self Supporting Butterfly Fiber Optic Cable: The optical fiber unit is positioned in the centre. Two parallel Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP) are placed at the two sides. A steel wire as the additional strength member is also applied. Then the cable is completed with a black or color LSZH sheath.
1.Novel groove design, easily strip and splice, simplified installation and maintenance, higher tensile strength;
2.Suitable for cable extending from outdoor to indoor;
3.Low smoke, zero halogen and flame retardant sheath, eco-friendly, good safety.
1.Used in access network or as access cable from outdoor to indoor in customer premises network;
2.Used as access building cable in premises distribution system, especially used in indoor or outdoor.


Model Name Application
GJXV Strength Member Material,PVC sheathButterfly FTTH Drop Cable Indoor
GJXFV Non-Strength Member Material,PVC sheath, Butterfly FTTH Drop Cable
GJXH Strength Member Material,LSZH sheath, Butterfly FTTH Drop Cable
GJXFH Non-Strength Member Material,LSZH sheath, Butterfly FTTH Drop Cable
GJYXCH Strength Member Material,LSZH sheath, Butterfly Self-Supporting Optic Fiber Cable Outdoor
CJYXFCH Strength Member Material,LSZH sheath, Butterfly Self-Supporting Optic Fiber Cable

Short stretch:100N;600N(Self-Supporting)
Long-term tensile:60N;300N(Self-Supporting)
Short squash:1000N/100mm;2000N/100mm(Self-Supporting)
Long-term squash:500N/100mm;1000N/100mm(Self-Supporting)
Minimum bending radius:Static 10mm;Dynamic 25mm
The cable model specifications, size and strength can made the suitalbe adjust according to the customer's requirements.

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