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FC Attenuator

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Product Description

This type of optical attenuators utilizes the air gap between two connectors to achieve the optical attenuation. This fixed optical attenuator has a similar structure of a standard female-female optical adapter. It is simple, low-cost and compact.
1-30dB is available 
Good quality 
Best price 
Fast delivery
Precise attenuation
Return loss UPC >50 dB  APC >60 dB 
Low ripple broadband design for operation at both 1310 and 1550 nm 
Attenuation range for SC, FC, and LC types 1 to 13dB in 1dB increments, 15dB, and 20dB
Fiber optic systems
CATV and telecommunication systems
Receiver padding for optical receiver protection 
Optical power equalization 
Increasing dynamic range for apparatus

Technical Indicators

Name Fiber optic attenuator
Operating wavelength 1260nm~1620nm
Attenuation accuracy <±10%dB
RL >50 dB
Repeat ability <0.2 dB
Exchange ability <0.2 dB
Operating temperature -20--+70
Plug and Pull times >1000
Vibration Amplitude: 1.52mm, Frequency: 10Hz~55Hz

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