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Butterfly lead-in cable

The dish type lead-in optical cable is divided into indoor, outdoor, self-supporting type and indoor (external) pipeline type according to the application scene. Butterfly fiber optic cable is a new type of user access optical fiber cable. It is named because of its cross sectional shape like butterfly. The cable sheath is arranged between the "V" slot, to effectively protect the fiber, ensure that the extrusion, trampling and bending, the light transmission performance of the optical cable is not affected, and the cable is easy to peel, convenient connection, simple installation and maintenance. Cables are divided into interior type metal reinforcement and non-metallic reinforcement. Considering the factors of lightning protection, high voltage interference and so on, it is necessary to adopt the non-metal reinforced component into the room to introduce fiber optic cable. Structure: Center for optical fiber, two parallel placed on both sides of the nonmetallic reinforcing element (FRP), an additional reinforcing element outside the steel wire, LSZH sheath material (PVC material); outdoor pipe cable structure: Center for optical fiber, on both sides of the non-metal stiffener, and then followed by water resistance belt, aluminum strip, outside sheath. Black mostly for indoor use (anti ultraviolet), white for corridor wiring (beautiful). According to the indoor cable core can be divided into single core and double core and four core specifications, residential user access should use 1 core business users can access, the introduction of fiber optic cable is designed according to 2-4 core dish.
Installation: mainly using hot-melt or cold junction technology.
Application: It plays a unique role in the construction of intelligent buildings, digital community, campus network, LAN and other networks.

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